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Have A CocaCola time!! March 21, 2010

MCC 10009 Have a Coca Cola

This is the World’s One of A Kind card has been custom made for a Coca Cola Collector. The receiver of this card is estatic to have the world’s only Coca Cola card of its kind! What a delightful gift to receive. For all you who are collectors, or whose friends who is a collector of some sort, give us a challenge to delight your loved ones with a custom made card to add to their invaluable collection.. and for the love of you to think of such delightful ideas..

Ctc for your custom made card today. For us to do a great job for you, please give us 2 weeks advance notice for research and production.


Congratulations !!

CGC 100002 Congratulations


This makes a nice congratulations card for a guy or a gal… Its classy and simply design makes it a perfect card for your customers or friends.

Wanting to congratulate someone today on his/her promotions, exam results and others, get your Congratulations card now at



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Does the challenges and unforgiving world at times makes us doubt ourselves, or questions our ability, credibility or values… Believe is the perfect card for yourself or for a friend, in the times of distress and doubt. Believe that with the heart, faith and hope, all things will be fine, and that we can weather through the challenges and tough time, and come out stronger as a person.

Believe.. in your yourself, friends, and love again!


You are so very special March 19, 2010

MCC 10008 You Are Special

This is a special card for a special woman. A card themed with love, abundance of love and flowers, with gemstones. A wonderful card to say how special she is to you on any occasion – birthday, anniversary, valentine, or even just taking time to appreciate her in your life!


Thanks :)

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TYC 10002 Thanks

A lovely card to say thanks. This card has 3 ribbon string ties with a bow each, cut out flowers, sewn around the borders and a very finely stamped flowers on the background. A lovely crafted card with a lovely sentiment.. just simply thanks!


Happy Birthday

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BC 10012 Happy Birthday

This is a simple and elegant birthday card for your guy friend, who treasure simplicity and nature. A great guy’s card :).


Appreciate What Is

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HC10007 Appreciate What Is

This is card is a reminder that sometimes we are too caught up with the rat race, that we may miss the moment to appreciate what is. We think about tomorrow, delve in the past, but we forgot to appreciate the present, appreciate what is.. in the current moment. Let us today take time from our busy schedule for a “me” time, to cherish and enjoy the moment as it is. Apreciate what is!